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Clicklaw was created by the Courthouse Libraries and provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians on a wide variety of legal issues.

Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court is the provincial court where British Columbians may file and pursue their own claims in court with or without the assistance of a lawyer.

Family & Divorce

Resolve many of your family issues, with, or without the assistance of a lawyer, in Provincial Court.

Provincial Violation Tickets

Information about regulations with respect to motor vehicle or traffic tickets, fishing or transport can be found here. For help on disputing a ticket, see the provincial website.

Courts of British Columbia

This site contains information about Provincial Court, Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeal of British Columbia including judgments and extensive quick links to many legal resources for British Columbians.

Justice Access Centre Self- Help and Information Services

The name says it all. Find useful links for considering many legal issues.

Disability Alliance BC

This site provides self-help sheets for persons and families who need assistance obtaining provincial benefits and CPP benefit for disabilities. See their Advocacy Access Publications page for forms.

Health Link BC
This site provides information on health issues and health alerts for British Columbians.
Canada Benefits

You will find information with respect to federal and provincial benefits available to Canadians.

Canada Revenue Agency

For information and queries about taxation or tax relief for businesses and individuals, see this site. Topics include HST information, tax benefits for child and family or persons with disabilities, and dispute mechanisms.