Motor Vehicle Accidents / ICBC

If you have you been injured in a car accident, you probably know by now that it can be quite difficult to deal with ICBC.    In some instances ICBC denies that you have been injured at all.  In other instances they may take the position that you are not entitled to certain benefits or they omit to tell you about benefits that you may qualify for.

If you were the victim of a hit and run accident, there are certain measures you can and should take in order to be compensated by ICBC.  These measures, such as advertising for witnesses, etc., may make the difference between compensation and a complete refusal of your claim.

Unlike many other law firms, we never act for ICBC.  We have no conflicting loyalties when it comes to dealing with ICBC.  They have thousands of lawyers defending motor vehicle accident claims on their behalf.  You should have a lawyer too.

There are time limits running against you to bring an action against parties responsible for your injuries. There may be steps you can take today to protect your right to pursue compensation or payment or to comply with ICBC regulations.  Call us – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including health and peace of mind.