Injured in and Auto Accident? – What you should know about ICBC Benefits

It does not matter who caused the accident. All parties are entitled to receive income loss and rehabilitation benefits when insured by ICBC.

What benefits should ICBC pay for when I am injured?

  • Income loss benefits. Total Temporary Disability Benefits (“TTD Benefits”) from ICBC pay up to 75% of your average gross weekly earnings to a maximum of $300 per week.
  • Expenses – Medical and rehabilitation expenses.
  • House Cleaning – ICBC will pay up to $145 per week for cleaning services to the primary cleaner of the household when injured.

Do I qualify for TTD Benefits?

  • You only qualify if you have exhausted all other income replacement benefit programs you paid into such as EI Sick Benefits and Short-Term Disability Benefits.
  • You have to give proof that you do not qualify for other income replacement benefits. If EI pays you less than $300 per week, you may be eligible for “top-up” from ICBC.

How to apply for TTD benefits

  • Provide proof of your income by letter from your employer, or through paystubs going back 12 months.
  • Obtain a note from your doctor stating that you cannot work because of the accident.

How do I get medical and rehabilitation benefits and house cleaning expenses?

  • Obtain a note from your doctor stating that you require therapy because of the accident.
  • ICBC will pay for treatment on a monthly basis. Every month when you see your doctor, you must get an updated note that states your therapy should continue.
  • Submit housekeeping expenses to ICBC.

How do I recover my prescriptions and other accident related expenses?

  • If you have extended health insurance coverage, you must first submit your receipts to that insurer. ICBC will reimburse you for any shortfall.
  • If you do not have extended health insurance, your original prescription receipts should be forwarded to ICBC.

Who pays for my physiotherapy or massage therapy?

  • Some therapists bill ICBC directly for your treatments. You are responsible for an additional “user fee” typically $20 or $30.
  • Unpaid treatments and user fees may be claimed in a personal injury claim when another is at fault for the accident.

Considering an Offer to Settle?

Your first priority must be to get better. Only when you are fully recovered and your damages are known should you consider settling your personal injury claim. To know if ICBC’s offer is fair, most lawyers will provide you with a free legal consultation to assess your claim, and only get paid fees based on a percentage of your settlement, or a percentage of the amount that beats ICBC’s last offer to you.

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